Scarlet’s Letter

Scarlet’s Letter

Why hello there. I do hope you’ve stayed warm through this winter and that your spring is off to a lovely beginning. Allow me to fill you in on life at Wilson College over the past few months.

First of all, we need to have a conversation. When I said that I liked the snow, what I meant was I appreciate an occasional dusting like we get down South. I was not informed that here in Pennsylvania, the snow covers the ground for weeks at a time. That is simply unnecessary! On the bright side, though, this cold weather gives my luxurious fur coat its time to shine.

Even my dear friend Agatha, the groundhog, was taken aback by the amount of snow. Why just the other day, she mentioned that this is the coldest winter she has seen in years, before telling me that she had to go take a nap. Now that I think about it, that was six weeks ago, and I haven’t seen her since! I do hope it wasn’t something I said.

Just when I was starting to feel lonely, life suddenly returned to Wilson College! Yes, the students have come back to campus, and suddenly I have more people to watch from my third-floor perch in Sharpe House. Curiously they all seem to be wearing these masks around their nose and mouth. Is this some sort of winter custom in Pennsylvania that I was not informed of? Whatever the case, I can assume, of course, that behind these masks, they’re all looking at me and smiling while I smile back.

Perhaps you would be interested in hearing that I had my annual visit to the kitty doctor in January. Why you insist on calling it a “vet,” I’ll never know. Nothing to be concerned about, though. I’m in excellent health for a lady of my age. Recently, I’ve overheard much praise for your human health professionals, but let us not forgot those who care for me and my four-legged brethren. If you ask me, they are the true cat’s meow, something of which I’m quite the authority.

What’s my secret to staying warm through these long winter months, you ask? Why, lattes, of course, with extra cream. Whenever my favorite dad makes a latte, he rightfully lets me lick the mug clean when he has finished. Just a little tip, from me to you. Until next time, dear friends.

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