Scarlet’s Letter – Spring 2023

Scarlet’s Letter – Spring 2023

Scarlet ponders the goings-on with her groundhog friend.
By the College’s Favorite Feline

Life here at Wilson College has been simply delightful. Just the other day, when I was sharing a saucer of tea with my dear friend Agatha, the groundhog, it struck me that I have been a proud Wilson resident for three years now!

My my, how the time has purred by. I believe I am finally beginning to get my paws around your strange Pennsylvania and Wilson traditions, although I must admit, I still have not quite figured out whether I am an even or an odd. Perhaps time will tell. Still, I have been reflecting on how so much has changed here at Wilson, even in these three short years.

For instance, you may recall from my recent tour of your lovely campus that I befriended your beautiful Wilson College horses. I already found it absurd that animals carry people, as I prefer to have my dads carry me. But would you believe that animals carrying people while going through their calisthenics is a sport? The utter insanity! On a positive note, I’m told that our team of Wilson College horses is quite accomplished, even defeating a team of horses from a certain Penn State. Now, I do not believe I have visited this “state of Penn,” but clearly, our Wilson horses are of a much finer quality.

On a subject closer to my whiskers, why you humans insist on so many dining options, I will never understand. But Agatha tells me that a new café has opened on the bottom floor of the student center, and it is big news amongst the Wilson community! Agatha’s great-grandhog Eleanor told us this café is where the famous “Snackie” was. With even more food and drink options to add to the Dining Hall options, the café is already beloved by the students. Why they cannot eat the same thing every day as I do, I simply cannot fathom.

Agatha tells me that in another human-initiated attempt to add options at Wilson, the College has launched something called Wilson Online. Now, I find this one particularly puzzling. After all, soon after I arrived here in 2020, you shifted most of your work online, only to resume in-person interactions a year later. And now I’m told you’re expanding your online programs again! You humans are such fickle creatures and simply cannot make up your minds. Still, I have heard that this will add new members to the Wilson community, and I can absolutely get on board anything that will grow our Wilson family.

These are just a few exciting new developments here. Perhaps you have recently returned and have seen some of these lovely changes for yourself. Or maybe you plan to return this summer for your reunion. Whatever the case, please do drop me a line when you are next on campus. I will try to carve some time out of my busy schedule of sleeping and napping to welcome you home.

Until next time.

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