Scarlet’s Letter

Scarlet’s Letter

I pawsitively love these oppurrtunities to curl up with you, share a saucer of tea, and update you on the comings and goings here at wonderful Wilson College.

I raised a paw and bid a fond farewell to some close friends in May, but I anxiously await meeting an entirely new group of students this fall. Still, it should come as no surprise that life continues to be a delight. Why, you may even think that life here at Sharpe House has become somewhat dull, but you would be mistaken. Allow me to share with you a recent adventure that I had, which I have since dubbed “Miss Scarlet’s big night out.”

It began one evening last February. My dads were out of town, and I was home alone in Sharpe House. A visitor briefly stopped in, and when they left, to my surprise, they left the front door ajar! I was taken aback. At first, I did not know what to do. Would you believe, in my many years (a lady never reveals her true age), I had never been allowed outside on my own? But now, here was my chance, and I resolved to take it!

I crept out into the cold Pennsylvania evening. You may recall my dads had previously introduced me to campus
by pushing me around in my chariot (or what you would call a stroller). That fateful evening, I could venture in whichever direction I wished. Would I go towards Philadelphia Avenue? With all of those loud cars, that was simply out of the question. Perhaps I could visit my new horse friends at the equestrian center, or maybe I would go give kisses to some of my favorite students. Why, I was entirely overwhelmed with the pawsibilites that I had to lie down. I determined the best course was to return to the warmth of my bed in Sharpe House.

To my utter horror, the front door had blown shut! I was locked out of my home, in the middle of the night, with no one to help me! Where would I go? Who could I call? Then it struck me. Of course! I could go visit my dear friend Agatha, the groundhog. She would know what to do.

I quietly crept under Sharpe House, where Agatha and her family reside. I meowed out her name once, twice, thrice, but to no avail. Agatha has always been such a heavy sleeper, particularly in the winter. So there I huddled, cold, scared, and alone. What would I do? Was I forever locked out of my home? I slowly drifted off as night turned into morning.

“Miss Scarlet,” I heard someone faintly call out. Was I dreaming? “Miss Scarlet.” There it was again! Why it was Miss Mit, one of my dad’s most trusted friends. She must have noticed I was missing, and she, along with her friend Miss Cassandra, had come to find me. I was saved! I meowed out to them, and they quickly gathered me up and brought me inside.

Truly, what an adventure, can you believe it? This entire experience gave me a new appreciation for my home in Sharpe House. My dad always says to alums, “Come home. Come home often.” Now I get what he means!

Speaking of home sweet home, how wonderful to see so many of you at what I have come to learn is an annual gathering of Wilson alums each June. Some of whom Dad has described as the College’s biggest supporters came by for a reception, but no one seemed inclined to share their food with me. Dad was certainly excited about the weekend. He toiled a great deal over his big speech, preventing me from my coveted lap time, which has been sparse the last few years since he is “on the road,” as he says. When I protested this lack of time to cuddle, he stated he would be home more “when the campaign was done.”

So naturally, I asked, “How do we end this campaign?” He said, “We need to reach our goal,” and then something about $16 million. Dear readers, might you help us reach the goal so I can get more lap time? You sure would make this lady very happy by helping to have her dad home for lap time.

All my best, and until next time.

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