Scarlet’s Letter

Scarlet’s Letter

Why, hello there. I do hope all is well with you and yours. Life here at Wilson College has been simply delightful. We’ve had such a lovely summer, and as the weather transitions to fall, it is once again time for my glorious coat of fur to shine.

Do you remember my dearest friend Agatha the groundhog? Of course, you do. Why, just the other day, we were sharing a pot of tea while she regaled me with stories of her adventures around campus when it occurred to me that I had yet to see the beauty of this campus with my own eyes. For nearly three years, I have lived here in Sharpe House without setting a paw outside. I certainly don’t mind entertaining guests here, but I’m a cat of the people!

As Her Late Royal Majesty once said, “I have to be seen to be believed.” So immediately, I demanded that my dads order me the finest of feline chariots so that I could get out and see the world. Here, dear reader, I bring you my first impressions of this wonderful campus.

Being chauffeured around campus was a treat for me and an honor for my dad! Our first stop was at what is called an equestrian center. You would not believe what I saw there. First, there were perhaps the largest animals I have ever witnessed — you call them horses. To my delight, these horses had a calm, soothing demeanor, much like yours truly, and I do think we will get along just fine. Second, to my utter surprise and horror (you could have knocked me over with a feather), I witnessed some of these horses carrying people! Now, I’m certainly accustomed to people carrying animals, but an animal carrying a person, have you ever heard of such a thing? What will they think of next?

From there, my campus tour continued to what you refer to as Lenfest Commons. Agatha informs me that the Commons, the courtyard in front, and the dining hall inside have all changed significantly over the past few years, and while I had not seen it prior, it is simply marvelous now. If you have not returned to campus recently, you simply must come and see it yourself. I could not believe the ridiculous variety of food you have in this dining hall. Why humans can’t eat the same thing every day as I do is beyond me.

My tour was nearly complete when we rounded the corner of the Veterinary Education Center. “Stop right there!” I hissed to my chauffeur. Why there in the window sat fellow felines! My new acquaintances and I had barely exchanged purr-leasantries when a parade of dogs appeared from the building! Excuse me? Excuuuuuuuuse me? I was certainly not informed that we had canines on this campus. I have since come to learn that these particular dogs are called whippets, and they’re used to help train our veterinary students. Anything for the betterment of animal-kind, I suppose, but this was all too much for me. I simply had to return to Sharpe House and lie down.

And thus concluded my first tour of Wilson College. As you can see, it was certainly eventful, and I can’t deny the beauty of this wonderful campus. Still, I’m sure there is much I have yet to observe. Tell me, dear reader, where should I visit next? What is your favorite part of this campus that I simply must see?

Sending all of my best to you and yours. Until next time.

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