President’s Letter: Spring/Summer 2024

President’s Letter: Spring/Summer 2024

Nearly every day I wear something that says Wilson College: a shirt with our logo, a lapel pin on a suit, or even Wilson socks. Inevitably, someone will stop me and ask, “Do you have a connection to Wilson College?” I beam with pride and exclaim, “Yes, I am her president!”


Recently, as I was boarding a flight, one of these moments occurred. The alumna was a graduate of our Single Parent Scholars Program, and I felt honored to hear about her success. Although our fellow passengers may have been frustrated that we were holding up the boarding process, I just could not help myself. I needed to hear her story. On another trip, I was in a very rural part of Scotland when someone recognized me as I was wearing a Wilson hat. It just goes to show that Wilson is indeed a global place.

These moments remind me of the Wilson connections that are all around us. These connections are student to faculty, alum to alum, or even president to alum, to only name a few. These connections are a critical part of Wilson. Our relationships with one another make a Wilson education unique.

This issue of Wilson Magazine explores connections happening on campus today. As you read, you will learn of the impact that a modern Wilson education has on its students—an education that prepares them to think critically, creatively, and analytically; live and work honorably; and work with groups of people who are different from themselves while still preparing them for that oh so important first career that our students and their parents seek.

While Wilson has evolved greatly over the last 155 years, one thing remains a central focus: the student experience. I am so proud of the work that we do to transform lives day in and day out, year after year, decade after decade.

This year, we are providing that experience to more students than nearly ever before. Our success is a true collective effort. It takes each of us: alumnae and alumni, faculty, staff, administrators, students, families, friends, and Trustees to bring about our many accomplishments this year. I boast loudly about how we are all rowing in the same direction to ensure that Wilson thrives into the future and continues to make a transformative impact on our students and the communities in which they live.

I write this letter to you as our academic year comes to a close and I look back on all we have accomplished together: we dramatically increased the number of new students; we retained more students; we achieved fundraising records; and we balanced our budget multiple years in a row, despite an unbelievably challenging economic climate. And yet, our work is not complete. The Wilson education needs to impact more students and we need to continue providing those students with the experiences that ensure they are successful in their early career and beyond. We need to meet the now bolder goal for the We Rise campaign. And with your help, I know we will achieve these lofty ambitions.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our small, but mighty college. I remain so humbled and honored to lead this wonderful academic community.

Wesley R. Fugate, Ph.D.

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