Julie Raulli, Professor of Sociology

Julie Raulli, Professor of Sociology

Ph.D. in Sociology, Colorado State University
M.A. in Philosophy, Colorado State University
B.A. in English and Peace Studies, Hamline University

Only at Wilson
Raulli believes that her freedom as a teacher sets Wilson apart. She is free to incorporate film, podcasts, field trips, community action, and much more into her curricula, and the students appreciate these innovative and dynamic classes.

She also wants to call out Wilson’s unique generosity. She remembers countless times when faculty and staff facing challenges had their colleagues and the College come through for them with support and sympathy.

Podcasts and Trails
A self-proclaimed podcast and NPR junkie, Raulli often loses herself in nonfiction podcasts, documentaries, radio streams, or audiobooks.

She loves art and has taken art and ceramic courses at Wilson, and was the Chambersburg Council of the Arts board president.

If keeping fit mentally is important to her, she is equally fit physically. She hopes to take on the Appalachian Trail one day, but in the meantime, she keeps in shape by hiking and gardening.

Pioneering Professor
Raulli doesn’t want to produce sociology majors. She wants to encourage students to think “sociologically” and better understand race, gender, and class no matter what their majors are.

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