The Foundry Artists at Wilson 2021

9/8/21 – 10/6/21
Bogigian Gallery

A free exhibition of artwork will be on display Wednesday, Sept. 8, at the Bogigian Gallery, Wilson College, featuring the work of members of The Foundry. The gallery is in Lortz Hall.

The exhibition will include a selection of member artwork from The Foundry—an artist co-operative located at 100 South Main St., Chambersburg, Pa. Current members have been invited to exhibit two works of art. Viewers can expect to see paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, and more!

For additional information or an appointment, contact Philip Lindsey at 717.264.2783, or

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Exhibition List

  1. Cindy Baker, Susquehanna River at Millersburg Crossing, 2020, oil on canvas, $150
  2. Mary Grassell, Glorious, 2020, screen print, $120
  3. Mary Grassell, It Was A Very Peachy Spring!, 2021, screen print, $200
  4. Paola Diaz, Butterfly Garden, 2021, mixed media, $150
  5. Andrea Finch, Veiled Reality Stay, mixed media, $748
  6. George Van Dyke, Walnut Bowl with Bronze Inlay, mixed media, $118
  7. John McDowell, Blades of Grass, 2021, pen on paper, $50
  8. John McDowell, Gestation, 2020, watercolor, $145
  9. Jean Frey, Easton Garden, 2021, oil on canvas, $275
  10. Jean Frey, Mostly Pink Peonies in Pastel, 2019, pastel, $350
  11. Anne Finucane, Essential, 2021, watercolor, $295
  12. Anne Finucane, Democracy Dies in Darkness, 2020, linocut with collage, $95
  13. Deborah Slocum, When Earth Meets Sky, 2021, mixed media, $100
  14. Deborah Slocum, Turquoise Travesty, 2021, mixed media, $100
  15. Donna Werling, Rose Gold, 2021, acrylic on canvas, $100

Outside Wall: Andrea Finch, Veiled Reality, mixed media, $300