Train Like a Phoenix

Train Like a Phoenix

The Phoenix strength and conditioning head coach suggests exercises you can do at home to stay in shape

By Nikolas Rosenberry

Exercising, getting fit, and staying mobile has enormous benefits for your body and mind. I have put together a series of simple exercises you can do anywhere to help you reach physical fitness and develop strength and balance. I’ve adapted these routines from the ones I have prepared for our student-athletes.

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have performed extensive research on the health benefits associated with regular physical activity and exercise. The following table illustrates some, not all, of these health benefits:

Benefits of Regular Physical Activity and Exercise
Improved Heart and Lung Function • Reduces the symptoms of or risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, strokes, and pulmonary diseases.
Improved Musculoskeletal System Function • Reduces the risk of developing injuries from slips, trips, and falls through improving strength and balance

• Reduces the risk of developing overuse/cumulative injuries through training of functional movement patterns

• Improves the health of bone and muscle tissue

Improved Immune System Function • Improves the body’s ability to defend itself from sickness and disease
Improved Endocrine System Function • Improves the body’s ability to release hormones

• Reduces symptoms of metabolic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes

Research suggests that these benefits can be gained if an individual performs 30 minutes of daily moderately intense activities (walking, shopping, climbing stairs, housework) combined with 2-3 exercise sessions (strength, balance, flexibility, and/or aerobic training sessions) per week. The more you participate in moderately intense physical activity and exercise, the more you are likely to experience their positive health and wellness effects.


Follow the exercise and activity routine on the checklist card to train like a PHOENIX.

Weekly Physical Activity and Exercise Checklist
Physical Activity (Daily)   Walk for 30 minutes or more
  Climb stairs 5-10 times
Exercise (2-3 Days) 3 Sets of 10 Repetitions Each   Heel and Toe Raise
  Plank and Lateral Plank at Counter/ Raised Surface
  Front/Lateral/Rear Leg Raise
  Hip Hinge
  Chair Squats
  Arm Raise Front and Lateral
  Seated Thoracic Spine Extension

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