Scarlett’s Letter – Fall 2020

Scarlett’s Letter – Fall 2020

Why hello there. I do hope you’re having a lovely winter season. Truth be told, this is my favorite time of year. The leaves turn red, and the white snow begins to fall. Why, the colors match my beautiful fur.

Life here at Wilson College has been simply delightful, although eerily quiet. Just the other day, I was having tea with Agatha (surely by now, you’ve met the groundhog family living below Sharpe House?). While normally she enjoys her privacy, she says that this is the quietest fall she has seen in all her years here at Wilson. Strange times, indeed.

Despite the solitude, I have managed to make a few new friends. Have you met Miss Christy? You simply must! She visits me in Sharpe House once a week and helps my dads tidy up my home (and between you and me, they need all the help they can get in that department). She’s always so happy to see me, but there’s one thing that I do not understand. I spend all week meticulously placing my fur all over the couch, only for her to come and vacuum it all up. I simply don’t understand the purpose. You do call it furniture, don’t you?

Or maybe you’ve had the privilege of meeting Miss Mit? She likes to stop by when my dads are out of town. We laugh and talk about life here in Chambersburg. She even gave me my favorite toy, what a dear! I hear she prefers the company of dogs, though. I suppose it’s true; nobody’s perfect.

Or perhaps you’ve met Chaplain Derek? I’ve only had the privilege of meeting him virtually, but I hear he’s a fan of my four-legged brethren, which makes him simply a doll in my book. Last October, he hosted an event called Blessing of the Animals. Finally, someone gave me the respect that I rightfully deserve! It was so pleasant to meet the other animals of the Wilson family — even if only on a screen. There were other charming felines, there were some tolerable canines, and even the rodents seemed like agreeable sorts.

I must admit, though, not everyone has been quite so welcoming. Would you believe that somebody (I’ll not name names) had the nerve to ask me if I was odd? Now, I know we do things a little differently down south, but to assume that I’m odd? It’s enough to make my hair stand on end! Agatha quickly clarified for me; they simply wanted to know if I was an even or an odd. I feel like I’m finally beginning to understand the concept, but unfortunately, I’m afraid I do not have an answer.

So, I turn to you, dear readers, please help me. Would you say that I, Miss Scarlet, am an even or an odd?

Until next time, dear friends.

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