Scarlet’s Letter: Winter 2024

Scarlet’s Letter: Winter 2024

Why hello there!

I do hope all is well with you and yours.

Would you believe I have just concluded my fourth year as a Wilson College feline? Why, if I was a student I would be preparing for my departure! Over the past four years, I have allowed you to have a glimpse into the life of Miss Scarlet, by sharing a little about my past, the friends I have made here, some of my adventures both within and outside of Sharpe House, and what I love about Wilson’s campus. It has occurred to me, though, that perhaps there is more you would like to know about the First Feline. Thus, I open it up to you, and present to you a few questions that I have received from some of my dear readers.

Q: Miss Scarlet, if you could live in any residence hall on campus, where would you choose?

A: Not live in Sharpe House? I shudder at the thought! Still, each of Wilson College’s residence halls has its own advantages; I would have difculty selecting. If I must, I suppose I would choose Riddle Hall, small and elderly, yet regal in appearance, like yours truly. The gorgeous views of the Main Green would help too.

Q: If you could study anything at Wilson, what would you?

A: With so many interesting topics, what an excellent question. Now, you may assume I would choose Animal Science, but if there is one thing I am already an expert at, it is being an animal. Or maybe you think I would study Veterinary Nursing, but I prefer to be taken care of, not do the caring. It may surprise you that I would actually choose to study Business Management. I have big plans for the Miss Scarlet brand, I only need a Wilson education to take me there!

Q: Scarlet, we’re dying to know, are you an Even or an Odd?
A: I will forgive the informality of not addressing me as Miss Scarlet. Now, this is a question I have been asked repeatedly, and only with the help of my dear friend Agatha, the groundhog, did I finally grasp the concept. As to where my allegiances lie, I am conflicted. I arrived at Wilson College during an even year, yet I am drawn to the red color of the odds. Both Evens and Odds have welcomed me into this community. I ask you, dear reader, where do I belong?

Q: Miss Scarlet, which is your favorite part of the Chambersburg community?

A: Chambersburg has been such a lovely community, and welcoming its residents to Sharpe House has been one of my privileges as First Feline. I have also enjoyed attending the many events that occur downtown. Perhaps IceFest has been my favorite, although why Wilson College insists on carving an ice sculpture of Blaze rather than the magnificence of myself, I will never fully understand.

Thank you, dear readers, for all of your questions, and I do hope you have enjoyed gaining some additional insight into my life. I greatly value the relationship that we have built over the past four years and look forward to many more together.

Until next time.

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